“Our mission is to prepare students with an entrepreneurial mindset that will serve them in any professional setting and during all phases of their careers."


The UNC Kenan-Flagler Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital (EVC) Club embodies the creative spirit of our talented class and vast alumni network of successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and high-growth executives. We provide an outlet for students to apply the new skills acquired during business school in creative and non-traditional ways, working together to bring ideas to market, to explore the often-mystified world of venture capital, and to identify opportunities to be a part of the growth of exciting early-stage companies. Whether coming to business school with the explicit purpose to found a company, or simply looking to learn more about what it means to be an entrepreneur, the EVC Club has events, workshops, and resources for all to take advantage of.



We are our own startup: As the club that preaches the value of starting businesses and harnessing innovation, we found it only fitting to walk the walk and so we founded our own revenue stream, becoming the first entirely self-sufficient club on campus.

Non-traditional internships: Not only does this revenue stream cover our club events and activities, but allows us to offer summer stipends for students to forego traditional internships in favor of building a company from the ground up, working for a startup, or interning for a VC firm.


Innovating throughout campus: We are well connected with the greater UNC community of talent and resources, allowing us to work with researchers and scientists to bring findings to market, to build physical prototypes of our ideas with 3D printers and Maker’s Spaces, and engage with all sorts of talented and successful speakers.


Paving our own way: There is no set career path for EVC and that excites us; our careers are our own personal startups, and each of us in the EVC Club are dedicated to helping one another find success and satisfaction as we chart our entrepreneurial paths




The UNC Kenan-Flagler Entrepreneurship Center delivers the most comprehensive, hands-on and enduring entrepreneurial education anywhere through our unique Learn, Launch, Lead (L3) framework.



The entrepreneurial courses offered in the most sought-after MBA concentration at Kenan-Flagler. Our curriculum, clubs and competitions help students develop a foundation in entrepreneurship as founders, funders and growth executives. 

The Entrepreneurship Center offers robust programs and curricula that meet learners where they are, and enable them to accelerate their journey along their own unique path.


We prepare UNC students with a strong foundation from which to launch their careers or startup organization. We prepare learners with knowledge and skills, as well as pathways for careers and startups. The Eship Center continues to serve as a resource for our alums.


We provide creative opportunities and serve as a resource for our alums to engage as life-long learners. Since each of our alums possesses time, talents, and treasures, we serve as a place where our alums can pay it forward to the next generation, by giving time to students and programs or monetary support for programs about which they are passionate. 



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