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UNC MBA Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club students are looking for rewarding employment opportunities at startup companies or venture capital/private equity firms. 

The EVC Club actively manages a "job board" of postings from start-ups as well as venture capital / private equity firms. If you are currently hiring for summer internships and full-time positions, Contact Us and we will share your positing with our community! Many students (both 1st and 2nd year) are also interested in helping you out with part-time projects. We'll share those as well. Not sure what kind of position to post or what experience the MBA's have? Visit our FAQs or Contact Us with specific questions.

MBA's come with a wide variety of experience. Don't believe us? Request a download of the EVC Resume BookThis could be a fantastic option to you as well if there are sensitivities around a wide-scale posting. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any specific questions.

Are you a current MBA Student looking for latest job postings on the board? Link Here. 


What can UNC MBAs do for my business?

All MBAs have a core set of basic business skills and can do the following for your company: data analytics using proven statistical methods, financial statement analysis, market research, accounting statement preparation, analysis of business strategy and operations, strategic short-term deliverable, or business development growth strategy.


Additionally, most MBAs have a core concentration and have additional expertise in corporate finance, marketing, real estate, operations management, management consulting, or investments.


What kind of employment are UNC student MBAs looking for?

1st year MBAs are interested in part-time/short-term internships during the school year and full-time/long-term internships during the summer. 2nd year MBAs are looking for part-time internships during the school year and employment upon graduation.

What kind of companies are students looking to work for?

Students within the EVC club are seeking experience at a startup, venture capital, or private equity company. They would also be willing to work for an incubator or accelerator.

How much do I need to pay an MBA student for an internship?

The short answer is: it varies. MBA students have accepted unpaid internships if the internship will help them develop certain desired skills. And some students are looking for paid internship offers. Internship pay varies greatly and some students are willing to accept minimum wage, while others want a specific salary or per hour wage.

How much work experience does a UNC MBA have?

The average student has 5 years of work experience after completion of their bachelor’s degree, so an MBA student will bring the knowledge of an MBA and any professional experience from their past career. There is not a typical MBA career path and students have experience in varying fields including education, engineering, government, finance, and non-profits.

How can I get the word out about a job opportunity for UNC MBA students?

We have a job board that you can post your job on for free! Simply Contact Us and we will share with our community.

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