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Launch your own idea or join a start-up in its early stages.

The UNC network has a tremendous amount of opportunities for you to launch your own venture or jump into one currently getting started.

  • Launching the venture: A course series designed to teach, empower, and inspire entrepreneurship. This course has helped launch more than 90 commercial and nonprofit ventures since inception.

  • Launch Chapel Hill: One of the Top 5 university-based accelerator programs in North America, Launch provides the support, tools, and knowledge needed to decrease risks, reduce go-to-market time, and accelerate the growth of your start-up. Launch has helped grow 49 startups and raise $3.7M to support them.

  • Carolina Challenge: Our University-wide venture competition, we consistently host upwards of 100 teams and award up to $50,000 in prize money

  • 1789 Venture Lab: 1789 provides space and support for early startups and a launchpad into an action-oriented entrepreneurial community. They currently house around 50 ventures

  • Social Innovation Seed Funding: Every year, UNC hosts competitive fellowships and awards for social ventures like the UNC Social Innovation Challenge, the Statewide Social Entrepreneurship Competition, the Carolina Challenge (Social Track), and the Community Fellowship Award

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