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An entrepreneur who initiates a new enterprise
  • MBA 848F: Entrepreneur’s Lab – ELab (Ted Zoller) – Foundation Course

  • MBA 848A: Startup UNC: Technology Assessment (Jason Doherty)

  • MBA 848B: Startup UNC: Feasibility (Patrick Vernon)

  • MBA 848C: Startup UNC: Business Modeling (Randy Myer)

  • MBA 848D: Startup UNC: Financing (Randy Myer)

  • MBA 895: Healthcare Entrepreneurship (Perry Genova)

  • MBA 754A: Innovation and Product Development (Barry Bayus)

  • MBA 846K: Designing and Protecting Your Market-Driven Startup (Andy Grubbs)

  • MBA 866: Social Entrepreneurship (James Johnson)

A leader in capital formation, venture capital, and private equity investing
  • MBA846J Business Plan Analysis (Randy Myer/Scott Albert) – Foundation Course

  • MBA 817: Venture Capital Valuation and Deal Structure (Mitch Mumma/John Glushik)

  • MBA 846V: Applied Venture Capital Concepts (Patrick Vernon)

  • MBA 846A: Private Equity (Charles Merritt)

  • MBA 846F: Applied Private Investment Management (Clay Hamner)

A senior leader in a high-growth venture or a corporate entrepreneur
  • MBA 835: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Atul Nerkar) – Foundation Course

  • MBA 832:  Managing the Growing Business (Bob Bicksler)

  • MBA 847: Sales (Dave Roberts)

  • MBA 843A: Family Business I: Introduction to Family Enterprise (Steve Miller)

  • MBA 843B: Family Business II: Managing the Family Office and Enterprise (Cooper Biersach)

  • MBA 895: Healthcare Entrepreneurship (Perry Genova)

  • MBA 836: Entrepreneurship and Minority Economic Development (James Johnson)

Develop the skills you need to be an impactful entrepreneur.

Whether you want to be a Founder, a Funder, or Growth Executive, Kenan-Flagler will give you the strong foundation you need to succeed with our broad-based, tailored curriculum.


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